Primero Industrial Services, LTD. provides remodeling and renovation services for industrial buildings, warehouses, control rooms, kitchens, restrooms  and more.

Manufacturing Facilities

We assist factory owners and facilities managers with all kinds of industrial remodeling services. Whether you need a retrofit project for a new control room or just want to make some general building improvements, we’d be happy to discuss your needs and create a cost effective solution.


Primero Industrial Services, LTD. has completed countless remodeling projects in warehouses across the Texas Gulf Coast. From the loading docks to the interior, we know that the efficiency of each work area is essential in operating a functional warehouse. Whether you need to remodel your shipping and receiving area or add additional office space – we’re here to help.

Offices, Break Rooms and Restrooms

Although much of a manufacturing or warehouse facility consists of production areas or product storage, don’t neglect the smaller spaces. We can transform your industrial building by constructing rooms to create additional office space or relocate them to a more suitable area; replace old office doors and hardware; or add interior windows for better supervision of work areas. And while we’re there, why not have us fix or replace that “rocking toilet” and cracked counter top in the restroom? Has your team been begging for some break room improvements? Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for morale.

In addition to industrial construction and remodeling, we are commercial contractors and a general commercial building improvement company.

Call us today and we’ll schedule a Free, No-Obligation, on-site survey, so that we can determine your exact needs.